Buster Balls

Drag King and Boylesque Performer

Smack in the middle of exhibitionism and catharsis, Buster Balls is an exercise in gender expressions, autonomy, and playing with identity through entertainment.

Since his conception, Buster has been turning heads and dropping panties with his dramatic presence and handsome charms. Though his style changes from act to act, he is consistently compelling and visually pleasing, fulfilling the fantasies of all who have them. There is always more than meets the eye with Buster, for all of his performances have deep personal meaning and are the crossroads between extroverted fanfare and introverted self care. Don’t let his demons scare you though, Buster is an erotic and high energy joy ride!

Though he’s newbie to the drag scene, Buster always delivers and has an ability to get an audience on their feet, no matter what content he shares. Currently a lover of Bunny Buxom and your sexy next ex, Buster Balls!

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Buster Balls- My Way

Buster Balls- Do You Wanna Touch